We Need YOU! JCI Nottingham – Recruiting

We Need YOU! JCI Nottingham – Recruiting

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Do you want to make a positive change in your community?

Do you want to learn skills that will improve you as a person and help you in your career?

Do you want to be part of something bigger than you as an individual?

JCI (Junior Chamber International) Nottingham can help you achieve all of these and more. We are a membership organisation run by its members, for its members. We are all volunteers aged 18 to 40, and give our time to make sure we run impactful projects that have lasting changes in Nottingham.

We understand that not everyone has the skills to run projects, so we also help train you in a range of skills from Leadership and project management, through to public speaking and marketing.

We form part of a worldwide network of people who want to make a difference, but instead of talking about doing it, we actually do it.

By getting involved with JCI, you will improve your self-confidence, learn and improve management skills, become a leader, grow your network and ultimately, have fun!

JCI Nottingham was relaunched in 2017 and we are keen to keep growing whilst connecting with the community.

We are currently looking to fill 5 roles that will form the first local council team of JCI Nottingham, they are:

  • Admin Director
  • Finance Director
  • Community Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Membership Director

See role descriptions below; if you are keen on joining JCI Nottingham in a leadership role contact us today! Deadline for CV’s is Friday December 7th.

Local Chamber roles:

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is responsible for the chambers appearance to stakeholders, meaning maintaining the website and overseeing the marketing strategies in place, with the ability to analyse data and understand what methods work best. The Marketing Director will also be in charge of materials and merchandise for the chamber, whilst working closely with the National Marketing Manager and National Secretariat.

Key skills we look for are as below:

  • Analytical skills
  • Understanding of marketing strategies
  • Organisation
  • Confident typing
  • Computer literacy skills (Word, Powerpoint etc)
  • Social media experience
  • Innovative thinking

Local Chamber roles:

Membership Director

As membership director, you would not only have to focus on recruitment but also engaging with existing members. You will be responsible for ensuring all members are up to date with the development opportunities within the chamber. It will be your duty to welcome new members to your chamber as well as looking to continually improve the member experience and track renewals of members.

The Membership Director should be in close contact with the National Membership director, exchanging advice on how to expand your chamber and keeping updated on National Events.  The event will require a steady amount of work each week to keep on top of the real time membership needs.

Skills required are as below

  • Ability to do admin work
  • Good communication
  • Understanding of members needs
  • Innovative thinking

Local Chamber roles:

Community Director

The Community Director leads the local chambers work with charities and in the community. This provides new opportunities for members to get involved with new events whilst simultaneously contributing to the local community. This role really expresses the essence of JCI and is a great chance to do something interesting. As Community Director, you would be mentored by the National Community Director and have the opportunity to collaborate nationally.

Working on community events would mean extra time commitments running up to and during the events, as well as time for planning etc.

Key skills we look for are as below:

  • Co-ordination
  • Organisation
  • Innovative thinking
  • Liaison with both the local community and the National Board
  • Motivation

Local Chamber roles:

Admin Director

Admin is a crucial key to keeping chambers up to date and efficient. As Admin Director, you are the secretary for the local chamber. You would need to ensure smooth running by ensuring all documents are accurate in correlation with current affairs. The job role requires heavy involvement with spreadsheets and lists so it is perfect for somebody with a keen attention to detail and a love of paperwork. Tasks included are the preparation of documents/presentations for events, helping produce agendas, managing files and other general admin work.

Key skills we look for are as below:

  • Patience
  • Co-ordination
  • Organisation
  • Confident typing
  • Computer literacy skills. (Word, Powerpoint etc)
  • Likes paperwork!

Local Chamber roles:

Finance Director

The Finance Director administers day-to-day finances as well as long term financial planning. You will have to track money coming both in and out of the chamber and manage the budget as agreed by fellow members. You will also be in contact with the National Finance Director to make sure the right levels of money are paid to the local organisation. As Finance Director, you will have to commit regular time to your role, ensuring not to hinder the chamber and effectively JCI UK. This also includes being well involved with upcoming events and providing help to your council team.

Skills are not critical although experience with creating and managing budgeting and accounts would be strongly recommended; However, we do look for a candidate with the qualities stated below:

  • Clear communication
  • Presentational skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Responsibility
  • Logical thinking

Apply Now!

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