Junior Chamber Nottingham Named Top 3 Most Outstanding New Local Chamber Worldwide

Junior Chamber Nottingham Named Top 3 Most Outstanding New Local Chamber Worldwide

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Members of Junior Chamber Nottingham join over 5000 people from over 100 countries in Tallinn, Estonia for JCI World Congress 2019. After being awarded Most Outstanding New Local Chamber in Europe at the JCI European Conference in Lyon, France JCI Nottingham was put forward for the global awards.

JCI is a global, not-for-profit organisation which provides development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.  JCI members are from many different backgrounds, cultures and professions, but all share common values and passion to develop, support and improve communities.

This year JCI Nottingham members have engaged with the community and provided opportunities for members to develop and learn in a safe space. JCI Nottingham created a platform in Nottingham to discuss issues such as Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Working along with the Institute of Mental Health, JCI Nottingham hosted a Mental Health Conference with speakers including Dr Jane Bethea, Consultant in Public Health at Nottingham City Council and an Associate Professor of Public Health at the University of Leicester and Martin Orrell, Professor of Aging & Mental Health and Director of the Institute of Mental Health.

JCI Nottingham throughout the year raised awareness for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. JCI Nottingham collaborated with the East Midlands Charity Awards to host a session on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The aim of the session was to raise awareness and appreciation for the work charities do and highlight areas of opportunities where more could be done in the East Midlands.

Whilst local governments and private sector companies do a tremendous amount to support a sustainable future, it is very important to shine a light on the Third Sector Charities who have hands-on the grounds, day-in & day-out, doing amazing work that support their communities and brings us closer to achieving the goals for Sustainable Development.

JCI Nottingham, since being re-affiliated into JCI UK, has gone from strength to strength over the last 12 months. JCI Nottingham has built great partnerships with Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham City Council and the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce to engage with young people and create opportunities and a platform to be active citizens and leaders.

Being shortlisted as a top 3 new local organisations worldwide is a massive achievement for JCI Nottingham and JCI UK. Phoebe Benta, President of JCI Nottingham, said: “We have been busy filling our calendars with networking events, training sessions and Robin Hood Weekend!”

“I am delighted to be leading our chamber and creating exciting events for young professionals and students in Nottingham to attend. My council team have gone above and beyond and I am very grateful for their support in making this year amazing.  JCI Nottingham’s theme for 2019 is “Inspiring Action” and we have pursued this vision in all our activities.”

JCI Nottingham is a part of a global organisation aimed on the development of leadership, entrepreneurship and active citizenship. The organisation has a strong focus on developing young leaders by involving them in the running of many worthwhile projects which add to and enhance community life in Nottingham.

To join JCI Nottingham or to find out more email [email protected] or visit our website https://www.jcinottingham.org.uk

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